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Dynasplint Systems


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About Dynasplint® Products

What are Dynasplint® Systems?

Dynasplint Systems are bilateral spring loaded tensioning devices that help to increase joint range of motion (ROM) for patients experiencing ROM deficits due to shortened connective tissue while decreasing range of motion rehabilitation time and cost.

Unique Characteristics:

Biomechanically Correct: Dynasplint Systems are biomechanically correct given the 3 or 4 point force/counterforce system. This design allows Dynasplint Systems to closely mimic the therapist’s hands.

Physiologically Correct: Dynasplint Systems apply a low-load, prolonged-duration stretch (LLPS) to the connective tissue by seeking the patient’s end ROM. The low-intensity stretch is comfortable and safe allowing the patient to wear the unit for an extended period of time.

T.E.R.T. (Total End Range Time): There is a direct correlation between the amount of time a joint spends at its available end range and the gains in range of motion.

Bilateral Tensioning System: The bilateral tensioning system applies an equal amount of force across the joint line and maintains proper anatomical alignment even as the tension is increased. All of these features add to the comfort and compliance of the patient.

Custom Fitting: All sales consultants receive extensive training in product knowledge as well as diagnoses associated with range of motion limitations. Dynasplint Systems sales consultants will custom fit the unit and provide support and follow-up care to make sure the unit is used properly.

Patient Friendly: Dynasplint Systems are very well labeled and easy for the patient to don and doff. Changing the tension is as easy as turning a screwdriver!

Rental: All units can be rented or purchased depending on the patient’s need. Average rental time is 3 months. In most cases, rentals are more cost effective.

Wearing Time: Each unit is fit to meet the needs of the individual patient, therefore, the wearing schedule will be provided at the time of fitting.  Learn more about the Rebound Effect.

In-House Manufacturing and Refurbishing: All Dynasplint Systems are manufactured at our Stevensville, MD production facility. An extensive refurbishing process takes place after each patients' use where the splints are stripped of pads and cuffs (soft goods), recalibrated, cleaned and newly cuffed.

making dynamic splints

Over 83 Types of Units: Units are available in extension and flexion for the following joints: shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist, MCP, PIP, knee, ankle, MTP, as well as units for the jaw and carpal tunnel.

Market Leader: Dynasplint Systems were created over 35 years ago by George Hepburn, PT. He is still the owner and president of the company. Since 1981 we have proven to be an effective adjunct to therapy and reduce cost up to 53%. “We created the technology that others have tried to duplicate."

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