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Veterinary Dynasplint® Systems – The Gentle Solution

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Veterinary Dynasplint Systems offer a full line of dynamic splints which aide in treating a wide variety of flexural and angular limb deformities in animals of all ages. The key to its effectiveness is the low-load, prolonged-duration stretch (LLPS) technology that delivers a biomechanically correct stimulus to shortened connective tissue.  Connective tissue responds to force, temperature and time. By keeping a joint at its total end range for an extended period of time while applying a gentle force,  a permanent lengthening of the soft tissue occurs, thus increasing range of motion.  Unlike rigid splints, each Dynasplint has a reproducible, bi-lateral tensioning system that allows for normal joint function while constantly seeking the available end range of the joint.

Veterinary Dynasplint Systems also play a key role in treating laxity of soft tissues.  The spring-loaded tensioning system within the splint is able to support and hold the joint in its natural position allowing the soft tissue to tighten over a period of time.

Veterinary Dynasplint Systems are effective alternatives or adjuncts to conventional surgical therapies for contracted tendons, crooked limbs, tendon laxity and soft tissue injuries.  They can also restore function to “frozen” joints after surgery or injury and provide support to dominant weight bearing limbs.

Dynasplint Systems are simple, easily applied and can be adjusted to fit our equine, camelid, and small animal patients.  We are also able to treat a wide variety of other species including but not limited to goats, pigs, cows, sheep,  and giraffes.  Treatment times vary; however in many cases the Dynasplint is only worn for 6-8 hours a day.  Protocols are customized to the client and patients’ needs.  Click here  to learn more about the advantages of using Dynasplint Systems for your animal.

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